Mazda6: Safety First, Last, and Always

The Mazda6 incorporates stopping technology into its popular sedan. The stopping power is coupled with traction technology to make a complete package.

The traction system is called The Dynamic Stability Control system, which takes over the command of a slipping tire. When cornering or on a winter road a wheel may slip, the traction control monitors will take over the tire and control the amount of power it receives.

Stopping in an emergency requires fast reflexes, but with the help of Mazda’s Smart City Brake Support, front-end collisions may be a thing of the past, or the impact can be greatly reduced. This smart technology senses an object coming to close to the front of the vehicle. It will brake for you, and it will brake hard and fast it the object ahead stops abruptly.

The Mazda6 was created with safety, style, and comfort in mind. If you want to feel and see more features, visit our dealership here at Eagle Mazda, and take a test drive today.




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